Sunday, 6 September 2015

If you aren’t willing to fight for it, then I’m sorry… but that person deserves better.

Every man, woman and in between deserve someone who loves them so much that he or she would be willing to fight for them tooth and nail.
If you really think about it, having someone willing to fight for you, to protect you, to even fight your battles if need be, is exactly the reason human beings partnered up to begin with.
We seem to have this ingrained in us, literally needing a partner who — at the very least — we believe would fight for us if it came down to it.
Not even necessarily fight for us with fists but fight for us with the decisions they make, the way they plan our lives, the way they forgive and do all they can to keep the relationship together.
Anything else feels like abandonment. Jumping ship when the waters get rough causes the entire relationship to drown. No one deserves to be abandoned, especially not at a time of need.
If you aren’t willing to fight for the love the two of you share, then she deserves better. He deserves better.
You deserve to be better.

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